Just wanted to share with everyone how much doing my promise paragraph has touched my heart. As I'm writing it I came to realize how much God loves me with all my weaknesses and flaws. Just as I am, no matter what.

Rise Above is exactly what I needed in order to heal from

year's of life's discouragements!

This class really impacted how I looked at God and my salvation. I learned how God is so loving towards me and not just looking to punish m e. I learned how precious grace is and how it impacts my salvation. Its not about anything I can do but rather what Christ did. By talking about this, I was able to recognize where it was that I have been trying to do this. It has taken a great weight off my shoulders and made me start to realize how much God loved me to do this. This perspective of God has changed me and my life for the long run!

Beth, thank you soooo much for teaching this and walking me through these promises.

You have no idea how much this has helped.

I have been very impacted with this study.

The truth of that God is always here with me and he has a plan

Since coming here my connection with God is so much clearer.

Discovered that I had a lot of guilt for things I had done in the past.

Now I'm free.

This class has changed everything for me. I can see why things are the way they are

and what I can do to help get through trials. I am very happy with the progress of how

I've grown in my walk with God. With all of my heart thank you for doing this.

I cannot put into words what this all has helped me with.

I attended RISE ABOVE last night and I cannot express in words the Joy and thankfulness in my heart.  Beth Miller-Giordano is teaching and sharing how to overcome life’s discouragement spiritually, emotionally and physically!! THIS IS LIFE CHANGING! I AM OVERLY ENCOURAGED JUST FROM MY FIRST


Good stuff, already reaping benefits from just one lesson

Learned many things about brain health that I did not know!


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